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PathFinder Insights is twenty years in the making and it is now we believe 'the best is yet to come'.
Never before has it been easier to generate tons of useful business data.
Our goal is to help teams transform data liabilities into digital assets


We help client’s accelerate on the data on-ramp.

PathFinder Insights Solutions™ solves challenges caused by disconnected business applications.

We help client’s
(1) go further & faster than with competitors,
(2) find meaningful results with guidance,
(3) and generate higher quality analysis.

Our client’s move from the ‘frontage road of information’ to the ‘HOV lane of insightsachieving previously unattainable results.

PathFinder LOGO

PathFinder Insights TM

Our trademark logo is the symbol of navigation.

We strive to help client’s make this a reality,
as we endeavor to do the same.

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