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Enterprise Value Innovation

Insight Driven Transformation

Discover and Unlock Value Now

We transform disconnected system
into Digital Goldmines of Insights.

Discover Resilient Value Creation and Sensible Scaling with 360-degree view of your business insights.


Value Limits 

PathFinder Insights deploys an AI-based approach determining the effectiveness of your enterprise's strategic & tactical alignment.

Our strategy provides comprehensive playbooks, priorities, sequences, and tactical execution plans to realize the potential value of an optimized enterprise approach.

Strategic Evaluations

Strategic Evaluation

Review of enterprise strategic objectives with leadership to understand business drivers and decision management approach.

Financial Evaluations

Financial Evaluation

Assessment of financial outcomes as a direct result of decision execution by strategic and operational functions.

Operational Evaluations

Operational Evaluation

Impact Analysis of the effectiveness of strategic deployment execution performed by operational tactical functions.

Enterprise Evaluations

Enterprise Valuation Analysis

Report out of identified key risks and opportunities to develop a value creation roadmap of key initiatives to scale enterprise value.

Enterprise Evaluation

Technology Enabled

Integrated Budgeting 
& Forecasting



Resilient Value Creation
Sensible Scalability

Based on a thorough analysis discovery, opportunities for value creation outcomes target critical priorities and key integrations for future-proofing your organization.

Our tailored value creation solution produce a roadmap of short and long-range priorities delivering business continuity plans while streamlining, automating, and provide insightful solutions to grow the enterprise value of the business.

PathFinder insights Analytics provide unprecedented quality and impeccable reliability proactively monitoring to ensuring increased value-based outcomes are achievable.

Frequently this requires streamline business processes and data systems alignment to maximize opportunities and deliver a seamless experience.  ​

Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can deliver increased enterprise value.

data is not the problem we're solving.
Harnessing the value within is a problem worth solving.

Most organizations struggle to leverage a single platform to harness all their business needs. It takes too much time and few systems have all the features needed.

Out of the box systems must be customized or require 'bolt-on' partners which struggle to support multiple systems of record.

Finances, Operations, Sales, Marketing. Revenue, Quality, and Compliance all have different needs and only a hand-full of systems might handle it. 

Sound familiar?

PathFinder Insights, Inc. embraces the things we cannot change and delivers a roadmap for incremental improvements.  

We partner with your business leaders and tailor solutions for maximum adoption and impact.

Contact us today to learn more.

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